This little guy is bringing you a special gift wrapped up in red and quills! Who doesn't love a hedgehog? #virtualbirthdayonline
Price includes custom template design and 24 hr. virtual photo booth service. At check-out please drop a note with the name (check spelling) for photo overlay and let us know when you would like the service to start. Event will be live 24 hrs. from that date/time. 


  • Details:

    • Name will be customized for the event.
    • Be sure to answer both questions about name and dates on check-out!
    • Access to event is 24 hrs. Let us know what date & time to start your event. Some people like to start it the day before so photos can be taken to surprise the birthday person! Just let us know.
    • Be sure to include your timezone - otherwise the default time zone is Central Time (Chicago).
    • Want more customization? Add-on Custom Digital Stickers & Custom Digital Props for an additional fee.