Choose from 50+ designs and we'll customize it with your Birthday name!



  • We'll send a link with QR code to share with your friends and family. 

  • Use your mobile device or computer with webcam to access the service.

  • The event will start on the date reserved and be available for 24 hrs.

  • You have four options for your photos:

    • Upload Photo: use an existing photo from your device.
      Great for uploading large group shots!

    • Take a Photo: Use the software to take a single shot photo.

    • 4 Pose GIF - pose for 4 quick photos and the software will edit it into an animated gif. 

    • Boomerang: Once the camera starts it will take 16 quick photos that will be edited into a reverse boomerang video.
      Saving as a mini movie file to share!

  •  Using the magic of our software, your photo will be placed into the overlay you choose from our shop - fully customized with the name of the birthday person!

  • Next you can add a fun birthday themed Digital Prop. These are digital snapchat style hats, glasses, wigs, etc. You can keep trying on new props until you get the one you like! They will attach magically to your face(s).
    Note: sometimes it's best to remove your glasses for this option!

  • Next add Digital Stickers. You can add as many of these as you like to your final photo.

  • Save the photo and it uploads automatically to the shared Birthday Gallery. Everyone can celebrate together even though your event is Virtual!

Click here to try it live with our demo!

Confetti Pattern Blue


  1. Pick a template to match your style/theme from our online store.

  2. On check-out: enter the name to be personalized.

  3. All virtual booth experiences are $119!

  4. Want to send the Virtual Photo Booth as a birthday gift? Just let us know!

  5. You will get a link to the customized virtual photo booth experience before your event. The link will not work until the scheduled time.

  6. The link works for 24 hrs.

  7. Share your link to all of your friends and family!

  8. The link should work anywhere in the world!
  9. Want a custom created design + custom digital stickers? Just ask! (additional cost)
  10. Party on!(line)

Want to give it a test spin before you commit?
Click the link or scan QR Code with your mobile phone camera. 
Take some test shots and play with all the features!

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Party On! Your friends at Virtual Birthday Online!